Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a quote?
Yes, I provide free quote. Please note,
visual inspection required. I can’t give estimation over the telephone.

What type of watches do you repair?
Every type… antique, vintage, contemporary, manual wind up, automatic, chronograph, co-axial, battery operated/quartz, pocket.

Will I get warranty?
Yes, I give 1 year warranty on labour and replaced parts.

How often does an automatic watch need to be serviced?
Most companies recommend the watch be cleaned and re-lubricated every three to five years. If the wearer regularly subjects a water-resistant automatic watch to water, the seals should be checked annually.

How often does a mechanical watch need to be serviced?
Manufacturer’s recommendations vary, but most range from every three to five years.

Watch manufacturers advise people to have their mechanical watches serviced regularly even if they’re working fine. Why is that?
Like a car, a mechanical watch needs to be lubricated regularly to keep it running smoothly. Over time, the oil will deteriorate and friction between the movement’s part will increase, causing abrasion and making the watch less accurate. In addition, the friction can create a very fine dust that will itself act as an abrasive on the watch movement parts.

How do I know if my watch is water resistant?
There should be water resistant rating on the dial or the case back. If you can’t find such  rating, than your watch is NOT water resistant.

What does water resistant rating mean?
ATM or “atmospheres” is the amount of pressure a watch can withstand before leaking. A 3 ATM watch will withstand pressures equivalent to about 30 meters or 100ft under water. That said, it is important to note that this is a measure of pressure NOT depth! For example, a watch rated 3 ATM worn in the shower will likely leak. The pressure from the water coming from the shower hitting the seals of the watch is far greater than 3 atmospheres.

What are the various levels of water-resistance?
The following are “real world” examples of the water resistance of each rating:

-water resistant 3 ATM  – 5 ATM  can withstand splashes of water while washing hand or in the rain, watch should not be submerged!

-water resistant 10 ATM suitable for swimming but should not be used for diving. Always make sure that the screw-down crown is locked !

-water resistant 15 ATM suitable for snorkeling.

-water resistant 20 ATM suitable for skin diving.

-Diver’s 200 meters meets ISO standards and suitable for scuba diving.

Tips to keep your watch water resistant…
-Avoid chemicals… chlorine, perfume, alcohol, etc. as they corrode the gaskets.

-Reduce the exposure to heat i.e. keep away from radiation and hot water.
-No watch should be worn in shower or hot water!
-Always rinse the watch after wearing it in the sea or the swimming pool.
-Get the seals/gaskets checked every year!

How often does a watch’s water resistance need to be checked?
All water resistant watches need to have their water resistance checked ever time the battery is changed or the case is opened for any other reason. That’s because when the case is opened, the gaskets that keep the water out of the case are dislodged. (These gaskets, or O rings, are located inside the case at the joints where the case meets the case back, crown and glass.) If the watch is worn in the water, frequently or exposed to a lot of sweat, it should be checked at least every two years and, if exposure to water is very frequent, every year.

How does the magnetism effect watches? 
The time loss (sometimes stoppage) can be caused by magnetism.
The analogue quartz watches use permanent magnet for their step rotor. If the watch has been near a strong magnetic source, the step rotor’s normal rotation is interrupted. It resumes its normal operation when the watch is taken beyond the reach of magnetism. The result is time loss or gain.
These phenomena do not cause permanent damage to the watch. It is important that the watch owner understands the magnetic effect on his/her watch and keep it away from magnetic sources like:

  • magnetic blanket,
  • electric blanket,
  • mobile phone,
  • radio clock,
  • TV set,
  • Hi-Fi speakers,
  • microwave, etc.

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